Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Lab 10 was led by me and Ayushi Goyal. It was a really good experience,though i was very nervous in the beginning.
Our lab included the following topics:
1.Creating local host on machine using xampp
2.P2P networking
  • connecting two laptops via P2P and then sharing files(both in windows and linux)
  • connecting two or more than two laptops at a time
  • messaging over LAN
3. Creating websites using Joomla and Wordpress tools on a local machine
4. Wireshark
5. Folder gaurd
Initially we thought that we wont be able to cover all the topics in 2 hrs duration since creating websites was very time consuming. Our lab started by installing the required softwares in each pc which consumed our lot of time. But with proper time management we managed to cover all the topics within time.
Through this session my knowledge on these topics definitely got enhanced and i finally know how to create a website which i always wanted to learn. Since it was my first experience so was a little nervous but at the end enjoyed a lot :)

Anulima Choudhary

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