Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Being a teacher for the first time!!

Well, Leading a lab session was not an easy task.
I did the lab leading with Anulima Chaudhary.
Now we realized that how difficult it is for our TAs to tech us during labs.

The first most difficult task for us was to decide the sequence in which the topics will be taught and the second most difficult task was to decide what all we need to cover in each subtopic and till what extent. It was not easy to clear everybody's doubts. But we finally managed to do it.

The topics that we covered were
Creating Web Sites: We first needed to set a server for which we used xampp to set up a local host. Then we finally used two web site making tools like Wordpress and Joomla. The best about these softwares was that we don't need any programming while using them.
Wire Shark: It's a spy kind of software. It captures your data packets from the net and then we can decode it so that we know about what the user accessed at that time.
Folder Guard: It's a software which can set password protection for any of your folder.
P2P:In it we covered lime wire through which friends can tranfer data among themselves.
Next, we taught about how we can connet two computers using R-45 cross cables and transfer data in windows to windows , windows to linux and linux to linux.

Over all it was a nice experience. All the project groups who trained us for leading this lab session were very helpful. I also enjoyed leading the lab session with Anulima Chaudhary.

Ayushi Goyal (2010025)

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