Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My experience of leading lab session-4

My choice of choosing the 4th lab session (with my partner nikhil) was to end up with leading in the beginning of the sem as to relieve myself of tension. And it was really a big task for me to attend the lab session on saturday from 10am to 2pm on the day when I was supposed to reach home by 1pm. The lab session was fine but Samy sir were not much audible so I and others had to surround him while doing the training. I still remember I asked atleast 5 time the meaning of PF usage but samy sir never got irritated and answered clearly everytime. Somehow, the training ended and the first thing i did back home was to download all the utilities that were available on my laptop. I surfed through net to know what all utilities we were taught (only because i had to fill in the lab evaluation form-" what extra you have surfed" and i did not want to leave that remain empty). To be frank, i was not eagerly awaiting the day i had to lead the lab session.

                                                   Finally, wednesday came (the day I had to lead). We (I and my partner) were prepared but were nervous to think what questions would be asked by our group members (though most of our doubts were clarified by samy sir beforehand). the lab started at about 1pm. We started with the task manager and somehow ended in 1hour30min ending with task manager in linux (we were promised of good grades by the group if we end early, but it was not the actual reason why lab ended so early). The lab ended early because many of the windows utilities were known to the group except the utilities from After completing the interesting (especially the diskmon and rammap of sysinternals) windows utilities, when we decided to shift to linux utilities, passwords for most of the computers were unknown(blame the last lab group for that), so we had to show the linux utilities on 1 or 2 computers only(where fortunately login got possible).

                                                                   When we ended before time , the whole group was happy(this is what their faces told) and even we were happy as a big chunk of tension was over(my mindset about that is still the same). I don't know the grades i got but it was a different experience of acting as a teacher and trying to order someone(i tried once after i was told by arjun sir that i can do that). Initially, even i was not interested but once you try well, you somehow succeed. All that starts well, ends well.


Question: Intel® CoreTM i5 processors or AMD PhenomTM II Quad-Core processors?

Can someone tell me what is the difference between the 2 processors in terms of performance? No need to post the tech specs as those are easily available over the net.