Monday, September 20, 2010

Lab Session Experience

I and my partner, Mayank Verma led the lab session 5 for group 2 which included some basic linux commands like ps and top and some other commands for text formatting like grep, sed and awk .Leading the lab was quite a fun and here are some of our experiences:
When Amarjeet Sir announced in the class that no one from group 2 had volunteered for leading lab session 5, we rushed to give our names, to get rid of the burden of leading lab session at a later stage.
Like Nishant said that on the day of training when we initially saw the questions we were puzzled but slowly as the lab progressed we started to get the concepts of grep, sed and awk ,and were at a little ease.After the training we understood most of things, but were not confident on how we would be going to teach these things to our peers.
Iniitially we were expected to lead the lab on 24th august, but due to Raksha Bandhan it was postponed till 27,we were happy as we got some extra time to prepare,but lab was postponed again to 31 august,at that time we were really frustrated,we wanted to finish this task as early as possible but it kept on extending.
Finally the day of leading the lab session came , we were little nervous ,whether we would be able to explain the things to our peers and clear their doubts.We started by explaining some basic linux commands like ps, top, kill etc. and asked the students to try them out .After that we initiated our main task of teaching the commands grep ,sed and awk and their application.After telling them the working of the commands we asked them to solve the problems using the above commands.We tried our best to clear their doubts. Most of the students were very cooperative even when we took some 10-15 min extra.
Just want to sum up by saying that we enjoyed leading the lab session very much and want to thank Amarjeet Sir, TA's and the students for their support.