Thursday, November 4, 2010

Working On The Project Presentation

It has been ,undoubtedly, a great experience working on the S.M Project.I along with Tanya and Abhimanyu worked on Geotagging ,which is a pretty creative way to display photos and videos at a particular location on maps or using Google Earth.
Thanks to Amarjeet sir for providing us with such an opportunity to learn and work on such interesting application.I still remember when we were thinking on what topic to take up and Tanya suggested this topic.From then on we started working over it.Initially geotagging using Picasa was not a problem but it was using GPS to geotag that was our challenge as despite enabling the GPS the geotagging option in the cellphone failed to work.Fortunately ,we could arrange for a cellphone with GPS enabled...and it worked great...thanks to Tanya :) After that, things went on smoothly(that is if the busy schedule of various other assignments and quizes are excluded. :-)).We could then work on various other techniques to geotag using the GPS.
In short, a great experience.

Devika (10028)
Abhimanyu Khanna(10001)