Friday, November 5, 2010


Hi Everyone!
I am writing this blog to share with you all my experience of leading the lab session.
I and my friend Shruti Kapur decided to lead the lab session 10 on 28th oct 2010,in which we were supposed to teach our group members the following things-
  • Setting a machine as web server and creating a basic webpage
  • Snoop data on the network
  • Setting up P2P in a LAN (messages and file transfer)
All the lab leaders assembled in the SM lab on the previous saturday(i.e. 23rd oct) for the training session.There were a few glitches in between as most of us had not brought our laptops along(we were not informed!) and since we did not have the 'admin' password,we could not download the softwares from internet.
Moreover,it became quite difficult to concentrate at the end as we had been working continuosly for 4 hours without a break! ;-) But overall the training session went quite well.

Finally thursday arrived and we spent the whole morning,trying out all the steps once again in order to prepare ourselves well enough for the lab.I was a little bit nervous as i was not sure if i would be able to clear everyone's doubts.Once the lab started,I explained everyone what we were going to cover in the lab.
Everyone was most interested in creating websites which they created using Joomla and Wordpress.Everything went off quite smoothly thanks to the the co-operation of our group members.

Overall the experience was quite fun and enjoyable.It also made me realise how much effort our teachers put in for preparing our lectures as we spent more than 6-7 hours to prepare for a 2 hour lab session.I thank Amarjeet Sir for providing us with such an amazing oppurtunity.