Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Leading the Lab Session..

We know that we are later than late but as some wise person has said"its never too late to learn", here we are , finally, sharing our Lab Session leading experience.. As usual we both kept on delaying our lab session leading but one fine day we decided to take on this heavy task and the main motivation behind it was Aditi's Group Project presentation due in the same week. So, it was the best time for us as we had our hands on atleast some part of the topics we had to cover.
It was in the first presentation week and we were damn nervous about it as we had undergone training by our peers only and had no guidance from our TAs.
The topics we had to cover were:Enabling and disabling Firewall in Windows and Ubuntu.Setting up a Wireless router and its basic utilities.Types of internet securities.WEP hacking.Well, as our group members would be already aware our lab session was almost a mess, mainly because whatever we had to teach was quite simple and already known to most of them or their projects were already on these topics. Some of our intelligent (they think so) peers tried creating nuissance in lab by changing SSID and password of the router we had setup.But our overall experience was good. Since it was our very first experience enjoyed a lot...:)
Aditi Lal 2010005
Aishwarya Jain 2010007

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