Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Leading the LAB -an adventure

After trying for so long , me and my partner Ayushi Aggarwal, finally got a chance to lead the lab session -11 . I was really excited as it was for the first time that I was leading a group .

PREPARATION - Saturday training session held on 30th October 2010.It went off really well and all the group leaders did a pretty good job in explaining their parts. Training session took 2 long hours, but I thoroughly enjoyed while it lasted. Had it been any longer it would have acted as a sedative and I would have gone into deep sleep.The best part was the photo editing by Nikita and Shreyasi.

One of the hurdles we faced was that we didn't have admin rights so we couldn't install softwares and I wasn't very clear about setting up an SVN server.

Finally the day arrived and I utilised our lunch break to clear some doubts about the SVN server, well thanks to my partner for that!!We decided to keep image editing and video editing part at the end as it would have helped in keeping my group members interested till the end of the lab.

We covered the following topics in our lab:-

a) Image editing tool-PhotoImpact X3:-As provided in the lab handout we inlcuded the basic tools like
1 colouring tools such as bucket fill, linear gradient tool, colourize pen
2 image insertion
3 crop an image
4 smudge
5 blur
6 most interesting cloning
Everybody patiently listened to this part!!

b) Video editing tool - Videopad:- In this we taught the concept of splitting , effects , subtitles, narration regarding video and audio files.

c) Setting up an SVN server
d) Remote connection to a machine:- We taught how to establish remote connection in windows and in linux. We also gave the demo of remote connection with Teamviewer.

After having given the lecture , I asked my group if they had any queries. Surprisingly not even a single question was raised, which made me wonder if it was because that they understood everything or nothing at all? Whatever the reason may be , I had a really nice experience.

Thank You Sir for giving us such an opportunity .


  1. Ya the image editing was lot of fun i love doing it at home in my free time & that admin rights walla problem was faced by all groups.But we could not give the demo of remote connection in windows because the firewall blocked any laptop from making connection to others, Linux was good. SVN server was not working.
    But otherwise i agree the lab was interesting. Teamviewer was fun except that the net connection was a little slow.

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