Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tools for Video Editing

"Tools for Video Editing"

The topic itself is very interesting to hear. That you can actually make changes to the videos the way you want to. This is the main thing that motivated us for doing this project. We can add or remove or customize video the way we want to.To make the videos work our style.

The first task for us was to select some good and easy to use video editing softwares. Before going on to it, there are some goals that we need to achieve while doing video editing.
:- Removing unwanted footage
:- Selecting usefull footage
:- Create a flow
:- Adding graphics, effects,music,etc.

Depending on these goals, we short-listed 4 softwares:-

Windows Movie Maker
CyberLink Power Director 8.0
Magic Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus

Using these softwares you can easily split a video, ad effects, transitions and music to it and much more.
You can download these from the links below:-

So, now you can explore the softwares and create your own videos.

If you want to read further about, What is Video Editing then you can refer to the links given below :

During the span of this project, we faced a lot of challenges also, like software compatibility with system, video format compatibility, compressors,etc

But, its not that difficult you just need to check your specifications correctly before going for a download.

Overall it was a nice experience to work together on this project together.
We learned lot about file formats, and video editing and format compatibility from this project.
It was really fun doing this project.

Ayushi Goyal(2010025)
Ayushi Aggarwal(2010026)
Ruchika Koli(2010070)

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