Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Leading The Lab... :)

I should first apologize for posting my blog late as i led the 9 th lab session and this week is the i think 12 week so i am 3 weeks late. :(

I led my lab with Sakshi and she had informed me about leading the lab session just 2 days before the training session, so i had to rush directly from the airport.
I personally thought that the topics that were chosen for the 9th lab session were pretty interesting, and it was a nice experience learning them during the training session. Now moving on to whatever was covered during the labs.
First topic was Data recovery from mistakenly deleted files the tool that was to be used for data recovery was 'PC inspector' which is quite handy tool as far as the data recovery from PD's is concerned, it took some time as the software had to be provided by PD's to everyone personally also doubts on the topic and the whole concept of data recovery were almost endless.
Next topic that we got training for was Shredding in ubuntu this was another topic that was pretty interesting and discussed during the training and the lab because when we got to know that there are numerous softwares that work on recovering even the shredded files there was a discussion on how actually might the data be stored on the memory devices that we have.
Next came LateX this was the only one topic that we all found a little boring (no offence :))
because it was a totally new language and some programming had to be done in it, the syntax had to be referred again and again as it was a new language and we hadn't yet got the hang of it.But i also found it quite interesting as it was one interface in which we could create the text documents of different formats under one software.
Next was Web crawling this was another interesting topic as the idea of having a backup of the whole website in your PC without doing much was nice, also it would extract the information that you ask for during the crawling and you can just refer to it whenever you want to even when you are offline. One bad point web crawlers banned on google :( and many people wanted to try out using the web crawlers on google.
last topic that was covered in the lab was backing up data this was pretty easy and useful topic, there is already an inbuilt utility provided by the Microsoft people on our windows, so many students had already explored it on their own and the remaining found it pretty easy to understand and use.
This was my first attempt at teaching a group of people something and it was not that easy, the experience was worthwhile and different, and i am glad that i had the opportunity to experience something different :):)

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