Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Data Compression and a few Software involved....

    Though the project seemed easy, but we were in a dilemma as to what we should cover in our project as we thought everyone is already aware of data compression and can use archives without the need of our demos.
    But, we suddenly had this idea of comparing different softwares and look at new features that these softwares provide. These included:
  • Brief description of the tools used- WinRAR , BitZipper , 7-zip
  • Backup
  • Batch tool
  • Making SFX files
  • Securing archives with passwords
I and my partners Jyotika and Shruti then took up 3 different software after going through features of many archives. After choosing 3 such software, we used to literally argue that whose archive was the best. And while debating we actually did a lot of comparisons, came up with new features that we had never heard of.
(Jyotika n Shruti ended up teasing me because we concluded that BitZipper had lost the race);-)

Practical stuff was interesting. The main challenge was to sit for hours after college and compile our search to make one SINGLE presentation!
But, we eventually succeeded in finishing the presentation in time.
Though our coordination during presentation wasn’t up to the mark (due to lack of time, we couldn’t rehearse it that well with the projector), but still I feel that our presentation was good. All of us had worked equally on it, were well aware of everything present in the slides and answered all the questions that we were asked in class.

I’d like to thank Jyotika Dora and Shruti Kapur who are equally responsible for the success of this project. I’m proud to have such hard working partners who obeyed all my instructions, are intelligent and didn't mind when I screamed at them.:)
Thank You Sir for providing us with an opportunity to learn to work as a team and gain knowledge at the same time!


  1. I just downloaded 7zip and i think its much better than WinRAR because its for free and easy to use
    & I wanted to thank u guys cause my winRAR had expired and I dnt know about 7zip before your presentation

  2. Its okay Tanya.We hope that other students too use compression tools wisely....!

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