Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Leading the lab session... my experience..

well, we finally got an oppurtinity to lead a lab session. and now, with full conviction i can say that teaching is not (Capitalised) easy.

I could go rambling on about the problems we faced but if you really are reading this i assume you're not expecting a complaint letter... lol..

My part in the lab was pretty elaborate and since the students were more interested in ''just watching the demo" i gave the demo and tried to make it as clear as it could be. This was made easier by the fact that i was covering windows utilities like Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter which everyone was familiar with. Also i had to cover Prezi which is pretty easy to use and really amazing in fact. So all i would wanna say is that though my part was not so complicated but due to Diwali and the subsequent quagmire it caused in our coordination it did prove somewhat a task to gather enough knowledge that is needed to lead a lab session resulting in our last minute preparations.

The thing is that we DID lead the lab session thanks to Dr. Amarjeet sir for providing this opportunity.

Mithil Gupta

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