Sunday, September 12, 2010

Leading Lab session 3

It all started one fine day when me and Utkarsha decided to lead the very first lab session. We figured that since it was an interesting topic which we were probably gonna put to use later on (which we did), we might as well go for it. Also we thought it would be good to get through with it early on.

I arrived late for the training sesssion but still managed to understand just enough so as to be able to understand the language in which the previous handout was written...

We were nervous on D'day but still managed to get through with it somehow...

There were a few hiccups...
We didn't remember the command used in QEMU, some computers weren't working and most importantly, (and i remember this distinctly)it was a very hot day and the AC wasn't working!!!

But overall everything went well. Almost everyone was able to install Ubuntu as dual-boot and also using virtual box(we didn't get to try out vmware tough).

I'm glad we chose to do that lab session as consequent sessions seem to be getting harder and I have no idea how the other group leaders manage.

I would also like to thank everyone in group 4 for being understanding and patient.:)

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