Saturday, September 11, 2010

My lab lead experience

well, i had to lead the lab on 26th august. our topic was on the linux commands which i frankly found very boring and my group members also approve of this thing...!!!. i had my lab leading 2 saturdays before only because of some holiday i guess....i had  some problems as i didn't have ubuntu installed in my PC. but eventually made good use of institute's computers only..was very nervous before the lab leading.

During the lab,i was really scared about amol and arjun asking tricky questions but it went along fine during the lab.. although there were few computers in which the commands weren't responding but we eventually gave our best shot..the lab timings also got extended till 4:45pm,me and akshit eventually got pretty exhausted by the end of the lab!!..and that day i really understood the effort our faculty puts in to teach us.. hats off to our faculties!!!...
overall it was a nice experience and learning one too!!!

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