Sunday, September 12, 2010


Hi , I am Akshit Gupta of Btech 2010. I got the opportunity to lead the lab session 5 for the Group-1.The topic of the lab session that I lead was "Unix Commands".I did the lab session with Akshay Rajvanshi.
The topic that we were allotted was not only tough but also challenging enough to be taught. Besides that it was also boring as well.
Our training for the lab session that was taken by a MTech  student was not up to the mark as she herself had not prepared well. So before the day when I had to lead the lab session ,we had to refer to various sites to enhance my knowledge  as well as  clear my doubts .
On the day that I had to lead the session , I had viral fever which made the things worse for me. During the lab session as it was boring topic to be taught it was difficult to gather the interest of the students. Clearing many of their doubts as well as teaching them a difficult topic was a challenging task. However many students helped us a lot by leaving the class well before time.
But at the end of the day it was a satisfying experience after I got good reviews from my peers regarding the lab session.


  1. please correct the spelling of session instead of SEESION.

  2. This post seems more like an excuse for your poor performance during the lab session. If you had actually taken the time over the weekend to "enhance your knowledge", we wouldn't have had to come to college during exam week to clear doubts regarding shell scripting. Blaming M.Tech. students is not the solution.