Monday, September 13, 2010


Hi i am having a problem and am not finding any solution to it.
So, it would be really helpful if anyone of you could help.

i installed Linux on my laptop(dual-booted it)
it worked until i restarted it. I get the following error now:

no module name found
Aborted. Press any key to exit.
Intel(R) Boot Agent GE v1.3.35
Copyright (C) 1997-2009, Intel Corporation

PXE-E61 : Media test failure, check cable
PXE-M0F : Exiting Intel Boot Agent.
Operating System not found

I dont know what to do. Can someone please help me out.
Thank you


  1. basically these days i am also facing the same problem...
    according to me, there is a software conflict between windows and linux.

    do one thing boot with ubuntu cd/dvd and install ubuntu once again. once installation is complete there is an option to restart your system . then you can see grub there and login to your windows and try to repair them.

    or instead of all these boot from windows cd and try to reapair them.

    if its a recent purchase then you must be having a recovery of your windows there. you can repair from that recovery which is present in your HD.

  2. well it seems to me another corrupted GRUB problem because of overwriting problems in MBR ..

    many people are facing the same problem,specially with their dell laptops.I guess both of u have dell laptops too..the only solution i found out was getting the GRUB reinstalled using the LIVE CD.Just follow the link below for of luck guys..

  3. now we have found a remedy for this problem.
    just format the windows sent by the manufacturer... install your windows 7..
    and then install ubuntu..
    don't delete the recovery...
    then evrything will run fit and fine..

  4. @kashish..well,starting from scratch never a solution..hehe..still..gr8..keep up the hard work.