Friday, September 10, 2010

leading the lab session (stepping into shoes that were one size too big for me :D)

Hey everyone ! like Karan this is also my first blog on IIIT-D:Systems Management.Enjoy reading about my experience of leading the lab session-3 :)

Well in the first class itself Sir had said that he wanted the lab sessions to be led by students and he also said that it would be better if people come forward to lead the lab sessions and get over with it quickly :)
When Sir announced in class that he needed names of students who were interested in leading Lab session-3 me and Ujjwal thought why not get over with it right now itself. Moreover with the topic of the lab session being 'Installing multiple OS' we thought it would be good to know about it and that would help us in installing Ubuntu on our own systems as well.

We had our training session on Saturday(7th of August) under Arjun. Now let me tell you Arjun was like so well prepared for the training session. I did not know that there were so many ways of installing a OS. Native installation , Virtual installation, VMWare, VirtualBox all these these things were new for me and some of the things went over the head too. But when we finally did things on our own later in the day we felt better but the QEMU part still puzzled me. Then i went home and searched You Tube for installation guides, researched some parts on Wikipedia and got to know new things.

And then started a really tight week with assignments, homework's to be submitted (finally realised why seniors had been mentioning all along that you don't rest at IIIT :) ) . Anyways both me and Ujjwal were very nervous (in fact both of us did not play TT and pool respectively that day during the break). But when things began we started becoming confident and things passed off without any major glitches. I really have to thank Group 4 because they were really understanding of the situation and were really supportive even when things did not actually go according to plan(never does as Karan pointed out).
And i would also like to take this opportunity to thank Ujjwal who is a really good partner.

At the end of the session I just felt that its not an easy job standing at the front of the class and making everyone listen to you and follow your instructions. Also that it does take a lot of preparation to be able to do that and I think that i was definitely not a 100% prepared. I could not answer some questions that were asked by my STUDENTS :p And I thought I would just tell them to write a blog on the very questions they asked :P but the fact was that I felt bad at not having been able to answer there question.
Nevertheless I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt like I had done a ok job that definitely called for a brownie treat for myself from Nescafe's :D

Given a chance to lead the lab session again I would definitely do it and that time hopefully I would be much better prepared having gained some valuable experience :) Because although a tough job it does bring a sense of responsibility on our shoulders and also puts us in command :)

Thank you :)

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