Friday, September 10, 2010

Experience of leading lab session-3

Hey everyone!! Its been quite some time I lead Lab Session-3 ( Linux installation)... But I guess its never too late to share experiences...

Let me start with the training part. We reached for training on Saturday around 2:30 pm. And it continued till 6:30 in evening. For the first 2 hours, we were just staring at Arjun (our TA) trying to figure out what he was doing! Finally when we started doing on our own, we got it.

I was so tensed before the lab session. What all are my group mates going to ask? What if I cant answer? And after the lab session was over, i was laughing at whatever happened. It was a mixed experience. On one hand, I felt everything became chaotic. We (me n my partner, Monika) had to go to each table since everyone had reached to different steps. Plus, I felt we should have been a bit more prepared. On the other hand, was happy to see that ultimately everyone had installed linux natively and using virtual machines.
Lab finished in around 1.5 hrs. But that was for others. We had to stay back to uninstall linux now so that other groups can perform lab next day. So we stayed back till around 6:30 pm.
I learnt a very important thing through this process, that its easy to learn something. But to teach that to others, is really tough. But overall a very nice & enriching experience!! :)


  1. You could've asked me to explain it in more detail if it was that difficult to comprehend :(

  2. @Arjun: V asked... But whatever you explained was even more difficult to comprehend!!! :P
    But ultimately we understood !!
    Thanks for your help! :)

  3. @ Arjun: And you are not to be blamed... Probably we should have come a bit more prepared.

  4. Nah, not really.. You're not supposed to come prepared for the training session. If even one of those eight who were there for the training session didn't get what I taught, it's my own failure, not theirs.

  5. Listen Arjun... I just exaggerated that we were trying to figure out what you were doing for 2 hours! I didnt know that it would have such an effect! Am really sorry for that... :(

    And secondly what I didnt understand that time was what you did with the linux commands. That was something we didnt require for lab session. And being new to linux, that's pretty obvious I wont understand.

    And you replied so patiently even when we pestered you with our stupid queries.

    Everyone got whatever you taught. Thats the only reason why we were able to hold lab session without preparing much on our own after training. So thats your success!! :)
    Lets close this topic now. Sorry again for my exaggerated statement! :)