Friday, September 10, 2010

A La-b-log....

It was 10th of August, 2010 when we guys (me and Kshitiz) had to lead the SM Lab Session. Our group was the one who was the first sub leading group among the whole 2010 batch. Once we gave our names for the same, then only we started realizing that “Kya hoga hamara!”. No experience and had not seen any of the leading groups before as we were the first ones. But with the name of God, we finally decided “Jo bhi hoga, karna to padega...”.

Training session was scheduled on the preceding Saturday (i.e.7th August, 2010). After the training session, I was especially in a complete messy state because Kshitiz had done a bit of all these before but if you talk about me, I was a beginner to all these stuff. But when we started doing all those on our own then ”Jaan mein jaan ayi!”. Yes, we would also be able to do something.

Those 3-4 days were pretty hectic for us. We had to submit few assignments, a test was scheduled and this task of leading the lab session. Finally, the day came and everything went really good. And finally we both were like ”Ah! Finally everyone installed it!”. Everyone left happily but the worst part was that we both had to spent another 1-1.5 hour to uninstall the OS from all the systems. Rest, everything was like a new experience for both of us. It feels great to be in the place of teachers for sometime but on the other side you start realizing that how much effort teachers have to put in to make us understand.

Kshitiz would like me to add here, that being in the teachers shoes was a completely new experience, it was great. But when I ask him would you want to do it again? Silence...

Thank you! :)

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