Monday, November 8, 2010

Lab Session 9

I apologize for being late in writing this blog. Me and my partner Priyanka had an amazing experience.

First comes the training part (for which priyanka came straight from airport after CWG vacations).Only part that was time consuming was latex. It was like learning a new coding language all of a sudden.We had lots of queries as to why and how we have cover it in the lab because how can anyone expect us to learn the syntax in a single day. So we ended up learning the basics of it (though we were afraid as to what all and in what depth our group members may ask us about it?).
And ya, the trainers for web crawling were absent that day, so we missed that part.But thankfully Shayan tought us that on Monday during break. But overall, the training part went off well. The topics that we covered were:
  • Web Crawling :We covered topics like visualizing a part of the web as a graph, save pages to disk, concatenate pages for printing, extract images from a set of pages.This was the part which seemed new to everyone.So, all of them were listening with patience and interest.
  • Data recovery from mistakenly lost files: We used a software called PCrecovery.This task took some time because we first had to install this software in each PC.
  • Shredding in Ubuntu : Very interesting and easy to understand.Actually the way kashish gave its training, it became crystal clear to all the leaders!:) 
  • Latex : Making PDFs seemed interesting to all.But not too much formatting could be done while making the PDFs as we covered only basic commands.
  • Backingup data : Windows has an inbuilt utility for backingup data whereas in Linux, we installed an application.                         
But anyways, the overall experience was very informative. I wasn't thorough with one of the topics but Priyanka proved to be a good co-leader and my group members too were very cooperative ;-) (in contrast to what i was expecting ). 
Thank You Sir for giving us a chance to experience of learning and then teaching.
We look forward to see other professors  try such innovative things so that learning becomes interesting.:)

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