Monday, November 8, 2010

Image Editing Tools: Experiences- good & bad!

It was a great experience working on SM project. Shreyasi, Jahnavi & I decided upon this topic because playing with images seemed interesting. And in the end, it turned out to be even more interesting than we had thought! :)

The software we chose was Ulead PhotoImpact X3. We selected this because it is free, quite user friendly and provides large number of features. And its relatively unheard and unused as compared to Adobe Photoshop, so we were more enthusiastic to explore its features.

We demonstrated our project using 3 videos which showed use of various tools such as clone, blur, smudge, transform, etc.
Various processes we demonstrated were:
Video 1 - Resizing and multi-layering of three images.
Video 2 - Improving upon facial features of an old lady.
Video 3 - Cloning parts of different images into one.

There were various challenges in completing this project. It was difficult to find a free full motion recorder without watermark. The biggest challenge was to make project videos without any major mistake. We had to make each video at least 5 times to make them presentable. And even after that, some people questioned "Did you actually make these videos? Really? Seriously they are not from youtube?" :/

But it was an awesome experience- staying in college till late in evenings... working in group (with a bit of T.T. in between). Rather lots of T.T. with a bit of work in between! :D

The last few days before the presentation day were most hectic. Mailing the lab handout. Fixing time with others for lab training session. Completing the presentation. Practicing it.

Then came the presentation day. Nervous! But as the presentation moved on, confidence level rose.

But all is well that ends well. So in short, it was a nice experience- full of fun.
Thanks to Amarjeet sir for providing us with such an opportunity! :)

Nikita Juneja 2010057
Shreyasi Agrawal 2010080
Jahnavi Kalyani 2010032

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