Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Experience of Leading Lab Session

The week before, when sir announced in the class that the slot for the leading lab session for the next week was open, I and my lab partner Yash rushed straight off to the lab after the class to send sir the mail to lead that lab session which was going to cover some limited LINUX commands.

Not only did we have to put in a lot of effort to first get ourselves acquainted to the commands but also teach them to our fellow batchmates on the lab day though how well or bad we acquainted was yet to be seen.We felt that day that in a batch of as less as 26 students it was very challenging to focus on each and every student's problems and then we thought of the plight of our teachers who take on almost a 100 of us everyday. KUDOS TO THEM!! AND A VERY HAPPY TEACHERS DAY (Sorry, am two days late).

Though, we who had to lead the session were also not very perfect on those commands but we tried our best to understand and make others understand how these commands are formed.Still, most of the students were confused on how these commands work. Most of the students were convinced that they are required to rote learn these long commands which is not the case. What you need to do is form these commands from some elementary commands which are not difficult to learn.The commands that we took on that day were some of the most basic commands in Linux like 'top', 'grep', 'awk, 'sed', 'echo' etc.(it is not my fault if they look alien blame it on Linus Torvalds or for that matter on Blaise Pascal) and we also read about the loops and shell files. Most of the students were not clear about command

$ chmod 755 name.sh

that we used to write before executing the shell file(some asked ,some didn't).I will explain it here once again.This command what it basically does is that it makes the file executable.
What we are doing is that we are setting the specifications of the file to read,write and execute.We use 111 to signify that a file is readable, writable as well as executable.This 111 when transformed from binary to decimal gives the value 7.This is the reason why we write chmod 777 or chmod 755(even this value sets the file to executable which is our ultimate goal from this staement).Now this blog is not the place to explain the commands that we did in lab so I will not elaborate further on commands that students found difficult to follow.

Yash has named it Labmare but what we really did was Labshare!

All in all, leading the lab was really a fine experience to have and should continue in future years too. And I would like to thank sir for providing me with this opportunity.

My post was really boring,isn't it?Let's put in a photograph.

OOPS!! Isn't that a photograph of MAC OS X.What is that doing in here?Well, Whatever.It is vaguely related, isn't it?

Look at it and pass your time admiring it at your own risk, after all

Hey what am I doing on net, aren't the mid-sem exams approaching?I think i must get offline and put some of my brains(if I have any) into my five subjects(for one of which I am here).

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