Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Ok... So here it goes...I am about to describe my experience of leading the lab...

If I can describe this experience in two words, I will say it was an enjoyable 'labmare'.Weird it might seem,but indeed, it was a sort of problematic challenge that ended quite well...
The idea of conducting a lab seemed interesting.We were very eager to try it out as early as possible, but got a chance only this past week.We were called for training on Saturday at 10 am, and as some of you might have anticipated, I was late yet again, and so I missed quite a bit of the explanation part...:-)
Soumya, then helped me out.I tried to understand everything that I had missed and simultaneously made an attempt to keep track of what was going on(Multi-tasking I may say).Unfortunately,it didn't help much, I could not understand what was going on.Thankfully, at that very instant,when matters seemed to be getting out of hand, Madhuri ma'am gave us a break...We went to play TT.We had a great,refreshing one hour.Then we returned to business.
The scene was quite different now, I seemed to understand things better now.Soumya and I tried our hands out on the questions along with our friends from the other sub-groups.We all put our heads together, and finally things seemed to be in place.An exciting day,I must say.
Then began the difficult part.Understanding the things, was easy, but explaining them to others was not going to be.So we put in our efforts,tried to understand the concepts, practiced a little more.And got ready for the day.
(Oh boy!!it was tiring...)
With little confidence,I started the lab session.My mantra "tension kis baat ki hai" really helped.Though, my confidence was low, but I managed to bring conviction in my voice :-).
The lab went on quite well.We were able to help our mates out.They had no complains(at least this was what I felt).Moreover, we got to learn a lot from our group mates, who came up with doubts, that needed some on the spot research.(I was ready for it and so I was carrying a book on LINUX commands :-D).
So on the whole, it ended pretty well.But the effort that went into it made me realise one thing-"Teachers ko toh bohot jyada mehnat karni padti hogi!!"
Thank you sir, for this opportunity, but I would not like to do it again.
Being on the receiving end is much easier... :-D

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  1. You and Soumya did a good job for sure! I enjoyed the lab session and it was fun writing the shell script and seeing how it got executed.
    This lab session finally made me understand how we could put the chmod command to good use(as we constantly had to use it to change the access permissions of the .ssh files)