Thursday, October 28, 2010

Triple Booting My PC

Life at IIIT-D is sort of weird when there are no holidays, we feel we have no time to relax, and when we have holidays we feel we are wasting our time.During the CWG break, I too got this feel and decided to do something exciting.
Before I begin I would like to apologize to Amarjeet sir, for this late blog.I am sorry sir.
Now, lets get down to work.Just a day before the break I had taken a copy of the so much in demand "Ubuntu installation CD" from Arjun bhaiya.I intended to install it on VMware and practice some shell scripting(that still does not give me a homely feeling :-) ). But somehow I did not like the feel of it and decided to dual boot my laptop.I did install Ubuntu,giving it a 8Gb partition.
I began using Ubuntu and felt good about it.So I decided to increase its size. So I went to windows and without giving a thought just messed up with disk management and ended up deleting grub. :-(
In went the Ubuntu CD again and another installation with 20 GB partition space was done.Good.Cool.Well done Yash.Finally, I was satisfied and promised not to mess around with disk management again.
Now, I being a frequent Windows user,wanted to make it my default OS,and also I didnt want Grub to take so much time in selecting the default choice.So in went a few hours of fruitful research and here we go all is well.
Well, promises are meant to be broken but not intentionally...
I decided to exchange my 4.5kg "heavyweight laptop" with my didi's 2.35 kg one. So firstly I was ordered to remove Linux, now how to do it without the windows CD... Good question!!! If there is a question,google has the answer.This task was done.
So once again I dual booted my system,did all the settings once again.God it was exciting.
Now,suddenly something came to my mind and I said to myself "Lets back the Mac"...
How about triple booting my system.Some more research and I felt I was ready to try it out. I downloaded Snow leopard from a torrent and after 3 days, I attempted to install it. But could not do it. I returned to windows created some free space.Boom Linux gone...
Once again :-(
Somehow I thought lets proceed with Mac.Great the trick worked.I formatted the free space,installed mac.Now, all that was required was to restore grub.In went the Ubuntu CD and restoration was done.
Using Mac,OH BOY,I was so excited. Hackintosh finally in my hands. I started the 64 bit version to find net not working.It was not detecting my wireless card.I returned to windows downloaded the required kext file(drivers) and tried again, but failed.Then I tried the 32 bit version and yes it worked there perfectly fine.
"Snow leopard is good,lets give it more hard disk space".Bad idea I ended up doing the above from scratch,but the result was sweet, I had a laptop with working Win 7 Ultimate, Snow Leopard, and Ubuntu...
I just need to thank the Ubuntu CD.... Had not that been with me,my holidays would have been a nightmare. :-) I ended up deleting ubuntu so many times.
Thank you also to Ankit bhaiya(Ankit Sarkar) for his help when I wasn't able to make net work.And finally Amarjeet Sir, who showed me the way regarding the wireless driver problem.
Next mission:-Quadbooting the machine..Ubuntu CD I am coming :-D


  1. god save ubuntu from you!!!
    ok yash can you tell me one thing???
    like when you tried to increase the ubuntu partition your grub was gone....any thing you found out about this problem...i.e. increasing ubuntu partition size without messing up with the grub...????

  2. No i did not, thats why I had to reinstall it again.May be installing the Grub on some other partition might help, but i am not sure