Wednesday, October 20, 2010

leading a lab session

I know I'm a little late but still there is always a first time :P (as im not much into blogging) .

I along with my partner ( lokesh) lead the lab session for week 8 - setting up wireless routers,security options in wireless routers and firewall. Its totally a different experience being on other side of the class, specially when we have to teach our own friends ;).

We struggled with the resources as our lab was solely based on wireless functionality and we had only 4 laptops (though i mailed every one to bring there laptops) so we decided to split ourselves
and lead the sessions in two halves which came out to be fruitful as we were able to complete our work in time and ( at-least i ) think didn't make the session a boring one .

I thank Amarjeet sir for giving us such an unique experience.

would love to learn all my subjects just like SM

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