Friday, October 1, 2010

Experience of leading lab session

I led the lab session of week 8 for group 2 in which I covered security options in wireless routers, firewall & setting up wireless routers.It was a great experience.I realized that its not easy to make others listen ourself. It becomes even tougher when there are insufficient resources as there were only 2 laptops to give demonstration. Therefore, we had to explain in subgroups which created a chaos but it also added something different to my experience that how to handle the different situations.

I felt that the training session was quite effective and productive.

I found it easy to cover the topic in given time period because of my peers support & TA’s help.

Altogether,it was a unique experience to lead a lab session on such interesting topics.

So,I would really like to thank Amarjeet sir that he has given us such an opportunity to learn things in a very different and interesting way.

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