Friday, October 15, 2010

doubt related to OS

hello guys,
                i have a doubt regarding windows 7 as all the laptop users may be knowing this better than me and help me out..
what i want to ask is when we try to install windows 7 on some system already having some other windows..say windows xp, so windows 7 will replace the windows xp in the system then...will the info in the hard disk remain intact or will that info also get formatted??

this is i talked to someone and he told me that windows 7 needs a bare system for its installation... so just wanted to clarify..


  1. as far as i am aware windows 7 will format your hard drive only if you ask it doesn't format by default.....also if you want to upgrade to windows 7 from xp just run the setup from windows will keep all your settings intact.......if you intend to install using boot disk on the same partition as winxp and then recover the data make sure everybody can access all accounts' files in winxp.......if you dont understand the last point never mind.........

  2. it will format your hard drive and erase all your data