Monday, August 2, 2010


Hello everyone
We all want to have movies or clips on our cell phones but most of us have video clips(in 3 gp) with an awful quality. Imagine hearing some bollywood song in 3gp,it emits a creaking sound here is a solution-
first of all look into your phone's manual and find what are the video formats supported and what is your screen resolution.
if you love to watch clips or songs on your cell log on to and download total video converter. It is an excellent converter which gives superb video aand audio quality.import files and convert them.You can set the quality screen size etc,if not sure jast select your phone model(if nokia and sony),explore the options.

Movies take a lot of time to convert so you have to compromise with quality,just use freez 3gp converter avaliable on,believe me its the fastest . I have converted a whole dvd by freez in just 38 min 25 seconds !!


  1. Thanks for the information. I would surely try them out!

  2. Hey Shubankar,

    Nice post but unfortunately Total Video converter is not free. The best free utility that I have experienced for all conversions is FormatFactory which can be found here:
    It is also very user-friendly and has no restrictions of a trial software.

  3. the best i've experienced for free is super converto by erightsoft.....just google it......that is if you wanna try it......

  4. Yeah SUPER is absolutely THE best free video converter I've ever seen, it can convert virtually any video / audio format to what you want. It might not be the fastest but it gets the job done with a lot of flexibility!

  5. Yeh...Its good...and finally a video converter which actually works...