Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Void

There's a certain feeling of constancy you associate with being in a relationship. Whatever happens there's one thing that remains the same. One person you can always count on. To be there when you need them, to understand your happiness, your sadness, your insecurities. After, there's a void you just can't fill.
No matter what you do, it's there - your new girlfriend. You immerse yourself in something else or try and find a new support its not the same. It's like a cold you just can't shake off. Its beyond me as to how you achieve this. Its just impossible!
It's as if everywhere you go, you see something that reminds you of those memories you so desperately want to forget. Everywhere you see people, couples whole and hearty, happy with wherever life leads. All you want is a hand to hold and a voice to say that everything's gonna be alright, you'll find the same thing again. That's the one thing you can't find.
You've got nothing but hope, just a strand, but hope nonetheless. Hope of a better tomorrow. I you lose that, you're lost, because hope is all you have and hope is all you need to fight another day. To have a chance at love.